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Can TV subtitles help teach reading?

The NYT has a run-of-the-mill article on Finland's high PISA test scores. Here's something interesting that my Finnish commenters have brought up before:
Besides high-quality teachers, Dr. Sahlberg pointed to Finland’s Lutheran leanings, almost religious belief in equality of opportunity, and a decision in 1957 to require subtitles on foreign television as key ingredients to the success story.
The notion that subtitling TV shows might improve reading doesn't strike me as obviously absurd. It seems like the kind of thing that could be tested in a controlled experiment: give 100 poor families with a first grader a big flat screen TV with subtitles...

Rise of the VOD

Multiscreen viewing drives VOD uptake

Michelle Clancy | 19-03-2014
With rising demand for video-on-demand (VOD) content made accessible at any time, the VOD industry has grown exponentially in the last three years, driven by the growing demand to view desired video content at any time and on devices other than televisions, such PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Frost & Sullivan says that to address multiscreen demand and to curb illegal means of downloading/streaming content, studios and networks have established distribution and licence agreements with individual vendors such as Comcast and DirecTV. The success of these vendors in the VOD space is determined by the...

New Alternative SAP

Did you know that there is a better alternative than Second Audio Programming?...

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